Fee For Service-No annual cost. Our Fee For Service plan is perfect for people who do not have insurance or have a high deductible insurance, upfront pricing allows you to fully understand what you will be charged before you even walk through the door. We will not bill your insurance company for services rendered at our clinic. However, we may provide a receipt/detailed bill (Superbill) to you at the end of your visit. You may submit this to your insurance company and depending on your specific plan, you may receive reimbursement directly from them.

Types oF visits

We offer 2 types of visits along with specific visits such as physicals or pre-op exams.

Focused visit: takes about 15 minutes and includes treatment for the most common health issues such as a sore throat, headache, flu, diarrhea, abnormal cholesterol, bloating, follow up on chronic illnesses etc…

Complex visit: More complex visits typically take about 30 minutes, and include treatment for multiple health issues, or symptoms that may require more time to evaluate. Common reasons for complex visits include but not limited to dizziness, abdominal pain, chest pain, new high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, initial diabetes assessment, management of 2 more more chronic conditions.

Fee for Service Visits

  • New Patient
  • Inc. EKG
  • Established Patient-Focused Visit N.P.
  • Established Patient-Focused Visit M.D.
  • Physical or Pre-Operative Exam N.P.
  • Physical or Pre-Operative Exam M.D.

Diagnostics, Immuizations and Injections

  • Pap Smear P.A.
  • Routine Diagnostics SVN, EKG etc..
  • Urinalysis/Pregnancy
  • Flu Shot
  • B 12 Shot
  • Kenalog Shot
  • Pneumonia
  • T-DAP
  • TB Test inc. reading

Studies and Packages

  • Echo cardiogram Study
  • Carotid Doppler