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We have opened a medical weight loss clinic BestbodyRX is a medically supervised weight loss program that offers REAL results and lasting weight loss.


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We also sell pharmaceutical grade supplements!!!

Professional products ensure that all ingredients listed on the product label are actually there and are of very high quality which ensures maximum absorption within the body. Research based Pharmaceutical also means that 99% of product is pure and free of artificial ingredients, fillers, additives, dyes and other unknown substances which can cause unwanted side effects or give you no health improvement. 3rd Neutral Party Tested Pharmaceutical grade means that there is stringent on going testing of all products to guarantee purity, potency, quality and strength.

Our Providers Recommend

Barbara Bialowolska-Romaniuk M.D. and her nurse practitioners Cathrine Krings not only approve of the medical weight loss clinic and supplements sold in the office but recommend them to their patients. Catherine Krings sees medical weight loss patients every week to help them take the weight off and keep it off with a lifestyle change.

Our insistence on high quality leads to Optimal Health. If you don’t have a quality product, you won’t experience optimal health. This is the problem with a lot of supplements on the market; the quality is so poor that people are not experiencing the expected results.